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Downgrade OA ( Firmware v 3.60) & VCM ( Firware v 3.70) to OA ( Firmware v 3.56) & VCM ( Firmware v 3.51)

Here are the steps I followed during OA & VCM firmware downgrade in order to sync other VCM domain running with same version 3.51 and managed by VCEM.

I would be covering only SUDO steps over here 🙂

  • Delete domain ( if any) from VCM module ( used https://vcmdomainip) – (That is very important to delete domain first if we are downgrading the firmware. That is not applicable if we are upgrading the same.)
  • Downgrade Active OA firmware ( Check Force downgrade) to 3.56. Once this is downgraded it will update standby OA automatically
  • You must have administrative credential before proceeding for VCM downgrade ( as user created during domain creation will be lost).
  • Install VCSU 1.7.x ( Version should be greater than 1.5 if we are working with 3.x VCM module firmware upgrade ) – this is UNIX style. However you can use HP DVD method but that looks very convincing and promising to me.
  • Run VCSU and enter ‘update’ command following with OA IP and their credential. It may take around 30 minutes to update the same.
  • Once done, check OA with their settings like EBAY addressing, Interconnect/Devices bay IP and verified your OA and VCM Modules firmware as v3.56 & v3.51
  • Create VC domain like SATYENDRA_A24R1 ( whatever naming standard you guys follow) and follow the wizard ( in last wizard, DO NOT click on network as that would be populated once we add domain to VCEM domain group).
  • Once domain is created, discover/add them on VCEM.
  • License the domain
  • Put the domain in maintenance once license is done and change the SAN PATH Login-redistribution setting from MANUAL to AUTOMATIC .
  • Exit the maintenance mode.
  • Create the servers profile as per requirement
  • Server is ready for deployment.