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Single Docker wordpress Image with Apache, Php and mysql on Ubuntu platform for hosting CMS solution/blog

This is  single Docker image incorporated with Apache, Mysql, PHP and wordpress to host CMS sites or wordpress ( Not used Linked container to make it more complicated.)

However this images is not yet listed on with star but you can use the following command to search

[root@satya wordpress]# docker search

And use the following command

[root@satya wordpress]# docker pull


To download on local system. Once download you can check it with


[root@satya wordpress]# docker image


Subsequently using the following commands you can run it permanently on any Linux platform.


[root@satya wordpress]# docker run –name wordpressdaemonV2 –restart=always -d -p 8086:8086 <IMAGEID> /bin/sh -c “while true; do echo WORDPRESS DAEMON; sleep 1; done”


For future use , you can use the following command to access exisiting container i.e wordpressdaemonV2


[root@satya wordpress]# docker exec –it wordpressdaemonV2 /bin/bash


For more information, Please visit –


Note – Not able to link GITHUB with DOCKER HUB hence provided Dockerfile on above link.


ESXi 5.5 VMNIC Sequencing order on HP534FLB and HP554FLB Ethernet

Most of you might be aware but thought to share the KB  regarding HP554FLB and HP 534FLB difference in term of native FC and FCOE. HP 554 (Gen 8) supports native FC while HP 534FLB (Gen9) does not support native FC but Fceo. That is the reason when we run the following commands on 554FLB enabled blade we get nothing except prompt causing the VMNIC in sequence order i.e. VMNIC0,1,2,3,4,5,6

#esxcli fcoe nic list.

But if we checked the same against HP 534FLB , we get the allocated vmnicX ( X could be vmnic2, 3) for Fceo connection causing the VMNIC in non-sequence order i.e. VMNIC0,1,4,5,6,7

#esxcli fcoe nic list.