Single Docker wordpress Image with Apache, Php and mysql on Ubuntu platform for hosting CMS solution/blog

This is  single Docker image incorporated with Apache, Mysql, PHP and wordpress to host CMS sites or wordpress ( Not used Linked container to make it more complicated.)

However this images is not yet listed on with star but you can use the following command to search

[root@satya wordpress]# docker search

And use the following command

[root@satya wordpress]# docker pull


To download on local system. Once download you can check it with


[root@satya wordpress]# docker image


Subsequently using the following commands you can run it permanently on any Linux platform.


[root@satya wordpress]# docker run –name wordpressdaemonV2 –restart=always -d -p 8086:8086 <IMAGEID> /bin/sh -c “while true; do echo WORDPRESS DAEMON; sleep 1; done”


For future use , you can use the following command to access exisiting container i.e wordpressdaemonV2


[root@satya wordpress]# docker exec –it wordpressdaemonV2 /bin/bash


For more information, Please visit –


Note – Not able to link GITHUB with DOCKER HUB hence provided Dockerfile on above link.


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